"Thank you so much for your efforts working with Nola! She is such a happier, better balanced dog now after having spent two weeks with you and the pack. We hope that Pancho has gotten over almost being a Catahoula snack! Nola is doing great on her walks and runs with the gentle leader and she is interacting SOOO much better with our old girl Callie and with the family and neighbors in general. She is amazing now when we come across other dogs and neighbors out on the street and in the woods. She has also been able to actually play with other dogs and kids in the neighborhood without people being afraid that she was going to attack someone. She is a new dog and we cant thank you enough! We cant wait for our next follow up trip to the dog park! -- Matthew and JoAnn Spence

"Elly has a rare gift for animals.  I see it every time I drop off my dog, Mr. Saboo, a German Chow-chow. It's obvious that he loves Elly.  Plus, when she keeps him, I get the add-on benefits of a dog trainer.  Without Pork Chop's Way, I would not enjoy my dog nearly as much." -- Salimah Mohammed

"I call Elly the Dog Whisperette.  Dogs just naturally seem to follow her commands, verbal and non-verbal.  She also sees to it that they get plenty of exercise, so they are pleasantly sleepy at home.  The only potential downside to Pork Chop's Way is that you will have stiff competition for your dog's affection! -- Aleric Franzos

"My husband and I don't have kids, so our two poodles are our "fur-babies."  The dogs love Elly just as much, or maybe more, than they love us.  I'm not kidding--they do back flips when we say her name out loud!  I don't think twice when we're out of town because I know my babies are in perfect hands with Pork Chop's Way." -- Georgi Gabor

"Elly trained our dog, Beemer, back in 2005.  Since then, we've moved and adopted another dog, Tippy.  She has continued to care for both of them with a genuine understanding of their needs, not just the frequent necessity to poop and pee.  We are so lucky to have Pork Chop's Way." – Frances Yeh

Seeing elly arrive each day is heaven for our two dogs Lola and Freddie.  Elly is their second mom.  They can count on her. – Gail Ross


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