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When I adopted Pork Chop (a Border Collie mix) at three months old, I made a promise to give him everything he needed to live a good life. In a dog’s world, that translates to plenty of training, exercise, and socialization.   These three fundamentals—coupled with patience, consistency, and love—gave me 10 years of happiness with my dog.

That's why Pork Chop's Way is more than an ordinary dog training service.  It is a legacy of love.  With an emphasis on learning, exercise and socialization I am committed to providing your dog with all the fundamentals to live the good life.  Because, really, it's all about the dog.

Head Pack Leader Elly Rivera Credentials:

The earlier you start to shape your dog’s behavior, the better.  Not only does an adequate amount of training strengthen your relationship with your dog, but mental stimulation reduces stress and prevents not-so-desirable behaviors from developing.  Like humans, the longer a bad habit lasts in a dog, the harder it is to break.  Pork Chop’s Way encourages your dog to learn through positive reinforcement and repetition.

A happy, healthy dog gets plenty of exercise: running, walking, jumping, swimming, chasing, fetching, playing tug-of-war, etc.  Think back to when you were a kid… wasn’t recess your favorite time of the day?  Dogs, too, are happiest when they are at play.  That’s why Pork Chop’s Way provides plenty of time for your dog to romp and run amuck!

Socialization is critical for a healthy, balanced dog.  The importance of integrating other dogs and people into your dog’s life from an early age is beyond measure.  A dog, like a child, must learn what is socially acceptable and what isn’t.  Pork Chop’s Way works with your dog to be comfortable and relaxed in social environments, providing a more rewarding ownership experience for you.

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